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Free listing of Paid survey sites. Make money online by taking paid surveys.

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Free Paid Survey Information.

Getting paid for your opinion because it counts

Your opinion is very valuable and it helps many of the billion dollar corporations and manufacturers out there make important decisions on the products they make, want to improve, or the services they provide. For years, paid survey companies conducted surveys via telephone, and back then it worked perfectly fine. People had time to spare, and they were happy to use it to influence the market, public opinion, or just have a little power over the world, and they did it for free just to be helpful.


Earn from Paid Online Surveys


Today, everything moves much faster, is more complicated, and no one has the time they used to have.  Nowadays, especially with advent of the "do not call list" it's easier, faster, and much more efficient for survey companies to conduct their business online and through the postal mail. In order to get quality product surveys, many companies are finding that they need to offer something in return for your time.

Are Paid Survey's for me?

You can decide that for yourself by answering the following questions with "yes" or "no":

  •  Do you have a little extra time?

  •  Do you like giving your opinion, and having it really matter?

  •  Do you want to earn free products, gift certificates or extra cash?

If your answer to these 3 questions is "yes," then paid surveys may be ideal for you. With the advent of the Internet and the competition for consumer attention, thousands of paid companies are seeking ways to contact consumers directly to find out what they really think about movies, books, products, financial services, online gaming... anything that you and millions of others spend money on. See the paid survey editorials section for more.

Joining survey companies and taking paid online surveys

It's simple. You'll register with an online survey company and include your contact information such as your mailing address, email address and likely your demographic information. The online survey company will use this information to match you to a survey they're conducting. For example, a company might be looking for respondents who are female, between the ages of 18 and 28, married, and living in the mid-West, or possibly a male, over 50 years old, single, and living in the South.

When a paid survey comes up that fits your profile, you're contacted most always by email and offered the opportunity to participate. You'll also be told at that time what your reward will be for taking the online survey for them. Frequently, you're offered cash, a free product, or a gift certificate; other times, you're entered into a small drawing for a larger prize. Your reimbursement for the time you invest really depends on the company you've joined or the survey being taken. It's always a good idea to know what you'll receive before you accept their survey offer. It might not do you much good if you spend 15 minutes of your time for a $10 free cat food gift certificate if... you do not have a cat and won't be getting one anytime soon.

Some paid online paid surveys also offer a cumulative payment: you take surveys for points, and after completing a number of surveys you'll have enough points to redeem for products, prizes, and even cash. Read their terms once you register so you have a good idea if you'll mainly receive cash, products, points or a combination of these from that particular company.



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Getting started taking online surveys

There are some very important things to remember if you decide to take paid surveys.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have an email account that you can check often, and preferably NOT your regular email account since you don't want to mix up your regular email with your survey email. A free email account will work perfectly fine, and if you don't have an email account you can get one easily through virtually hundreds of companies out there. We recommend you search for a free email account using your favorite search engine or you can search below for terms such as "free email", "free email account", "free email box" or similar terms to find the email provider that you want to use to receive your paid survey company emails:


The next step is joining and becoming a member of the paid survey companies. As mentioned on the home page, you should join a minimum of 20 paid survey companies. This will ensure you receive a constant stream of paid survey offers. If you decide to join more then 20 companies then that's even better for you since this will guarantee you even more paid survey offers. Remember YOU have the option of accepting or declining the survey offers that arrive via email, so having plenty of online surveys to choose from is to your benefit. After you get to know the survey companies and you have a better feel for which ones are sending you the offers you prefer, you can then focus more on accepting survey offers from these companies.

The paid surveys we've listed on this site are all free to join and are the cream of the crop based on company professionalism, good customer service, number of surveys offered, overall quality, and reimbursement provided. We've listed them from top to bottom, however feel free to join any of the companies based on what you've heard, read, or by what they have to offer you. Join 20 to 40 of the survey panels to make sure you receive an average of 6 to 7 survey offer emails per day (possibly more). There's no other way to maximize your potential monthly income and earnings then to increase the amount of paid survey offers you receive!

After you join your Paid Survey companies, write down your member user names and passwords and save each of your survey sites to a folder or to your desktop so you can get back to them easily. Before I forget, most everyone out there are completing surveys these days are using a free program called Robo Form which fills in forms with your basic information (name, email, address etc.) fast with a single click of a button and will save you hours of typing time PLUS it will save your user name and passwords for you easy. You might also have a similar "form filler" type of program on your computer or in your browser so it's a good idea to check. Either way you go these automatic form fillers will save you a whole bunch of time.

I'll say it one more time and then I'll stop, promise... join 4 to 5 paid survey sites if you want to "test the waters", join 20 paid survey sites to earn a good income or join 40 or more paid survey sites to earn a really great income!

For more information on how to make money through Paid Online Survey's check out our

Paid Survey Hints & Tips

Ready to get started?  Go to the free paid survey list page, join your chosen companies and then start checking you email every day - Have Fun!


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